Matt Woods

Matt Woods, Owner/Operator

Driven by a lifelong passion for home improvement, Matt Woods founded American Roofing and Exteriors (AREI) in 1994. After starting as a laborer out of high school and steadily working as a foreman, subcontractor, quality control expert, estimator, and sales representative, Matt took a leap of faith to start his own company.

For over 25 years, Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to training and helping homeowners have fueled AREI’s continual growth. He is a qualified agent in seven states, Haag certified, and spearheaded AREI’s Direct Repair Program in 2005, assisting Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. Matt is hands-on in training staff, recruiting, HR, and guiding all AREI locations.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Matt remains rooted in the local community. Married for 22 years with four wonderful kids and two grandkids nearby, family is Matt’s top priority. When he can find free time, Matt enjoys motorcycling, ATVing, camping, boating, and traveling with loved ones. He is an active church member and gives back to the St. Louis community.

Matt’s lifelong passion for home improvement, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to excellence built the foundation for AREI’s success.

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