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American Roofing & Exteriors has been serving the St. Louis community since 1994. As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to providing exceptional residential and commercial roofing services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Our consistent track record in the roofing industry has made us one of the top choices nationwide. We are large enough to tackle any roofing challenge, yet small enough to provide the individualized attention you deserve. You’ll get transparent pricing, honest recommendations, quick turn-around, and complete customer satisfaction with every project.

We train and manage roofing crews nationwide, creating a seamless process for quality results. So, if you’re looking for reliable local roofers who care about getting the job done right, on time, and within budget, your search ends here!

When deciding who to install your roof, we believe we’re a better choice than other roofing companies for these important reasons:

  • 3 decades of experience
  • Fully licensed
  • Factory Certified
  • Bonded & insured
  • Family owned & operated
  • Insurance company preferred
  • Quality workmanship
  • Dependable service
  • Competitive priced

Happy Customers

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Decision-making can be easier with input from experienced individuals. Our customers, who can attest to our quality roofing services, are our greatest advocates. We’ve earned a strong reputation among locals who trust us for reliable service.

Browse our customer testimonials to see the positive experiences they have had. We ensure honesty and integrity in every job, from beginning to end, earning the trust of the St Louis community.

Happy Customers

Get Professional Roofing Services

As a full-service roofing contractor, we can meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Having one of our experienced roofers on your project can make all the difference in ensuring the job is done without hiccups. 

From simple repairs to full-scale replacements or installations – no matter what type of project you have in mind, we are committed to delivering exceptional results every time. We offer free estimates so you can start finding solutions for all your rooftop needs. Reach out now, and let us show you why we’re one of the best local roofing companies in the St. Louis area!

Heres What We Offer:

Roof Replacement

As a leading roofing company in St Louis, we’ve honed our installation services over decades, ensuring superior quality and durability.

We understand a roof’s critical role in protecting your home from leaks, structural damage, and collapse. Our team, with experience dating back to 1994, provides comprehensive roof replacement services, including detailed inspections, safe removal, and installation of high-quality new roofs, soffit and fascia, and skylight installation.

We also cater to residential roofing needs, from minor repairs to full-scale replacements, backed by manufacturer and workmanship warranties.

Our no-hassle consultation and free quote offer transparency while using premium materials from trusted brands like GAF and Owens Corning to ensure your roof withstands harsh weather conditions. Please don’t wait for disaster to strike; contact us today.

Roof replacement and maintenance
Roof replacement and maintenance

Roof Repair & Maintenance

If you don’t need a roof replacement, but your roof can be repaired, we can help! Don’t let a damaged roof cause you headaches and worries.

We take roof repair seriously and can deliver top-notch results in record time. We have already fixed many roofs of homes and businesses in Greater St. Louis.

Our roof repair services include storm damage, shingle and tile replacement, leak repair, fascia replacement, flashing repair, and emergency repair.  From minor fixes such as patchwork to more extensive issues like replacing entire sections of shingles, we have the experience and skill set necessary to restore your roof.

So, we’re up for any challenge! You can sit back and relax; we provide reliable roof repair services in St Louis. 

Commercial Roofing

Concerning commercial roofing, consider us a partner in protecting your business.

We’ll suggest a solution for your needs and budget upon a free consultation. We offer many services, including TPO and built-up roofing.

Another benefit is that our roofing contractors aren’t newbies; instead, some of the most experienced roofers in St Louis are on our staff. 

We’re experienced professionals certified to work with GenFlex, Mule-Hide, Firestone Building Products, GacoRoof, and other leading manufacturers.

Additionally, we offer specialized services for our industrial, commercial, county, and multi-family clients. So, you can trust us for all your commercial roofing needs.

Commercial Roofing
Roofing Types

Roofing Types

If you’re looking for a new roof but have no idea what will be best for you, check out our helpful breakdown of roofing types.

We can help you find the perfect solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. We offer eight different roofing types, including traditional asphalt shingles, sturdy metal roofs, traditional clay tiles, durable slate tiles, and flat and architectural roofs.

With our endless design possibilities, you can give your property’s exterior a complete makeover.

Roof Inspections

At American Roofing & Exteriors, we understand how important it is to keep tabs on the condition of your roof. We offer comprehensive inspections that are client focused – you can trust us to give you honest feedback about the state of your roof.

We take extra care to inspect all aspects of the structure, including flashings, chimneys, vents, gutters, and downspouts, so that you get an accurate assessment and know exactly what needs attention now or in the future.

Regular inspections ensure that current owners and prospective buyers can quickly know their homes are structurally sound, from finding minor defects before they become more significant to providing reassurance during storms.

Warranty & Guarantees

With our professional roofing contractor services, every roofing project includes a 5-year workmanship guarantee protecting you from unexpected repair fees. Our warranty covers labor and the products used to cover the workmanship labor.

The manufacturers we partner with trust our installation expertise, honoring their full warranty so your roof will last its expected lifetime. When you choose us as your Saint Louis roofing contractor, you’ll be supported by reliable guarantees and quality results!

Financing Options

We understand the stress of financing a roofing project. We want to ensure you can get the roof you need with payment plans that fit your budget without sacrificing quality.

Our financial experts will help you find the best solution for your needs and ensure it fits comfortably into your budget. We offer multiple monthly installment options through our financing providers.

Let’s discuss a payment system that works for you.

For Peace of Mind

We take accreditations seriously through extensive training and certifications.

Owens Corning - Platinum Preferred Contractor
Platinum Preferred Contractor
Matt Woods - Genflex Roofing Systems  Certifed Roofing Contractor
Certified Roofing Contractor
EPA - Approved Contractor
Approved Contractor
BBB - Rating A+ Since 12-05-2018
A+ Rating Since 06-30-2008
American Roofing & Exteriors
Benefit from unmatched roofing expertise

Why Choose American?

Our mission is to protect your roofing investment by utilizing only premium materials combined with our extensive knowledge base of roofing techniques. Plus, if anything goes wrong during or after installation, you’ll know you’re covered, thanks to our comprehensive warranty options!

It’s rare to find other roofers with equal experience to our team. You can trust that any job we complete will meet all St. Louis building codes and regulations and exceed industry standards regarding quality control measures.

We can help you choose the right roofing solution and complete your project faster than any other roofing company in St. Louis.

So, the right question should be: why not us?

We’re a reliable family-owned roofing company that won’t take your hard-earned money for granted and will do the job right and on time the first time.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top FAQs when it comes to finding and working with our company

Installing a new roof is an important job, and it’s natural to want to know how long it will take. Typically, the process can vary in length depending on the size of your home or project, but most installations are completed within one day for smaller projects. It could take up to three days for larger jobs involving more complex work, such as re-roofing or replacing multiple layers. Here’s what you can expect during a typical roof installation:

* Removal of old materials: Before any new materials can be installed, all existing materials must first be removed from the area. This step ensures that no debris remains behind, which could impact the integrity of the new roof when complete.

* Installation of underlayment and shingles: After removal, underlayment is laid down, followed by shingle layer installation. The number of layers needed will depend on your area’s local building codes and weather conditions.

* Final inspection: Once all materials have been installed correctly and securely, a final inspection will determine if everything meets the code before being signed off by both the contractor and the homeowner.

A quality St Louis roofing contractor like American Roofing & Exteriors can help ensure your job runs smoothly while meeting all requirements throughout the process so you don’t experience delays and surprises. With years of industry experience, they’ll ensure your new roof looks great and lasts for years!

We understand that selecting suitable materials for your roofing project is crucial. That’s why it’s important to know what materials are available when considering a new roof installation or repair. We use only top-of-the-line products like asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and tile roofs.

When choosing a material for your home, it’s essential to consider factors such as durability, cost, and the look you want to achieve. Our experienced team can help guide you through this process by providing information on each material’s pros and cons, so you can decide which will best suit your needs.

Asphalt shingle roofs are popular due to their affordability and wide range of colors and styles, while metal roofs offer superior protection from weather elements like hail and windstorms. Tile roofs provide an elegant look with long-lasting performance but come at a higher price than other options.

No matter what option you choose, our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you get the highest quality product installed correctly, with careful attention paid to every detail along the way. With decades of experience in residential and commercial work throughout Saint Louis, we have established ourselves as a leader in customer service and quality craftsmanship.

We understand that roof emergencies can happen unexpectedly. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing emergency repair services for Saint Louis area homeowners and businesses. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, more than 25% of all unplanned roof repairs are due to severe weather events such as hail storms or high winds.

We recognize that when an unexpected event like this happens, you need fast and reliable help immediately. Our experienced technicians will mobilize quickly and provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. We also make sure to use materials with proven durability so you can trust in the strength of your repaired roof.

Our commitment to quality service has earned us a reputation among local customers who know they can count on us in their time of need. Whether fixing a leaky pipe boot or replacing entire shingle sections, our team is trained and equipped with the expertise needed to get the job done safely and effectively – no matter what size project you have! With us by your side, you can rest assured that any problems caused by inclement weather will be handled promptly without sacrificing quality workmanship.

Having your roof inspected regularly is essential for maintaining the integrity of your home. We should all do it to ensure our roofs are safe and secure, no matter where we live. But how often should you have it done?

Inspecting your roof annually can be beneficial in helping to spot any potential problems before they become more severe issues. A professional inspection will help identify areas that may need repairs or replacement parts and provide advice on maintenance techniques that could extend the life of your roof. There are also other benefits to having an annual inspection:

– Peace of Mind: Knowing that your roof is in good shape gives you peace when protecting one of your most significant investments – your home.

– Protection from Storms: An up-to-date inspection report can help protect against costly damage from storms or extreme weather conditions by identifying vulnerable spots.

– Improved Resale Value: Potential buyers look for signs that a house has been adequately cared for, and a recent roof inspection is a great way to show them that yours is ready for sale.

We understand how important it is to keep tabs on the condition of your roof. That’s why we offer comprehensive inspections designed with homeowners in mind – so you can trust us to give you honest feedback about the state of your roof and ensure everything looks right.

We take extra care to inspect all aspects of the structure, including flashings, chimneys, vents, gutters, and downspouts, so that you get an accurate assessment and know exactly what needs attention now or in the future.

Regular inspections ensure that current owners and prospective buyers can quickly know their homes are structurally sound, from finding minor defects before they become more significant to providing reassurance during storms. Contact us today if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment!

Another question?

Contact us with any other questions. If you’re looking for an experienced Saint Louis contractor who values quality workmanship and customer service, look no further. We ensure your roof will be secure and dependable decades into the future. Call us at 314-849-7663

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