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New siding can completely transform your home, inside and out. At American Roofing & Exteriors, we know picking the right siding for your home is an important decision – and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Our experienced team will assess your home’s needs, walk you through the top siding options, handle repairs, and install your new siding properly so it stands up to Midwest weather.

With so many types of siding to choose from – vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, and more – you can easily find something affordable and perfect for your home’s style. Trust us to take care of everything smoothly from start to finish. We’ll even make sure old materials are disposed of responsibly.

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We strive to provide exceptional siding installation services at the fairest price. Our crew of certified technicians is skilled in all siding types and can handle any project ranging from single-family homes to large commercial buildings. We guarantee quality workmanship and maintain strict adherence to manufacturer standards.

Our crews will keep the job site clean, safe, and organized throughout the project to minimize disruptions to your daily life. Bring your ideas to life, or let our designers recommend choices to boost your home’s curb appeal. With a seasoned crew of siding installers working full-time for years, you can trust our expertise for a smooth, efficient siding replacement experience.



In addition to new installations, we offer siding repair services for areas damaged by severe weather storms, cracked from the elements over time, or compromised by pests like termites or woodpeckers. Our skilled techs assess damage onsite, color match, and quickly repair, ensuring your home or business stays safe from further harm.

Call us even if you need vinyl siding repair due to an object hitting your home and puncturing a small area. Our comprehensive exterior restoration services ensure your property looks its best and maintains its value. We can also help negotiate with the insurance company.

roof hail damage in st louis
Gutters installed on Commercial Building


Quality Siding Options For Your Business

We offer commercial siding services for businesses needing repairs or replacements from weather damage or age. Our installers excel at big projects, like apartment complexes, factories, and multi-story structures, and we understand the unique needs of commercial properties.

We will work with you to ensure the job is completed efficiently while meeting all safety regulations and exceeding customer expectations. Our dedication to excellence, professionalism, and clear communication has earned us our clients’ trust and fostered lasting relationships.

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American Roofing & Exteriors takes pride in using quality products engineered to last for years with minimal upkeep required from the homeowner. From preparation to measuring, cutting, nailing, caulking, or sealing, we aim for perfection. We stand behind our work by offering an unbeatable double lifetime warranty on our installations so you can be sure your investment is thoroughly protected.

We know there are several siding replacement companies you could choose from. With our experience dating back to 1989, installing all types of siding across the United States, there’s no one better equipped than our team to tackle your next siding project! Contact us today for quality craftsmanship plus unbeatable savings– only from American Roofing & Exteriors!

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When it comes to replacing or installing new siding, there’s no shortage of possibilities. We can help you identify the right type of siding material depending on your specific requirements, including budget, insulation factor, wind resistance, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and pricing.

Maybe you saw a house on Pinterest and decided that’s what you want; we can probably do it. One of our seasoned exterior contractors will guide you through the process, ensuring you make an informed decision that exceeds your expectations and complements your home’s design. 


Vinyl siding has become increasingly popular as a house siding option in St. Louis, primarily due to its low cost relative to other materials such as brick or stone. As opposed to Hardie board, which may require re-painting, the color of vinyl tends to remain nearly unchanged over its lifespan (25-40 years). Needing little more than a power wash now and then, it’s maintenance-free.

With various styles and colors, including woodgrain textures and insulated vinyl options, you will surely find one that complements your home’s style and energy efficiency needs. Trust our experienced team to provide expert vinyl siding installation and repair services tailored to your needs.



Fiber cement siding combines nearly indestructible qualities with affordability, making it an exceptional option for an economical, durable solution to protect against St. Louis’s weather conditions. This siding defends against extreme temps, winds, moisture, bugs, fire, and more. Plus, it’s rot-resistant for longer-term durability than general wood products.

Fiber cement siding can mimic the appearance of wood, stucco, or masonry in various textures and styles, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your property. Our skilled technicians can help you choose the perfect fiber cement siding product and provide flawless installation, ensuring your home is well-protected and visually stunning.

Fiber Cement Siding On House
Gutters installed on Commercial Building


We offer commercial siding services for businesses needing repairs or replacements from weather damage or age. Our installers excel at big projects, like apartment complexes, factories, and multi-story structures, and we understand the unique needs of commercial properties.

We will work with you to ensure the job is completed efficiently while meeting all safety regulations and exceeding customer expectations. Our dedication to excellence, professionalism, and clear communication has earned us our clients’ trust and fostered lasting relationships.

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The best siding material will depend on your needs and budget. Generally speaking, fiber cement and stone veneer are considered to be the most durable options while vinyl is often seen as the most affordable option.

After the initial painting, either done prior to or after installation, you should get roughly 12 years out of the paint job before needing to think about repainting. Repainting could be done sooner if signs of fading, chipping, or flaking paint are seen. With proper painting techniques and maintenance, your fiber cement or Hardie siding will look great for many years and last its full expected lifespan.

Yes, stucco is energy efficient. It provides insulation and can lower energy bills in both hot and cold climates.


Stucco is a thick, dense material that helps to insulate your home by blocking heat transfer. This means that it keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing the need to use your heating and cooling system as much.

Air sealing

Stucco is also a very good air sealant. When properly applied, it can create a seamless barrier that prevents air from leaking in or out of your home. This is important for energy efficiency because air leaks can waste a lot of energy.

Moisture protection

Stucco is also very resistant to moisture. This is important because moisture can damage your insulation and reduce its effectiveness. When your insulation is wet, it can’t hold heat as well, which means that you’ll have to use your heating and cooling system more to keep your home comfortable.

Cost savings

All of these factors combine to make stucco a very energy-efficient material. In fact, studies have shown that stucco can reduce your energy bills by up to 20%.

Stucco is generally considered to be a low-maintenance material. It is durable and long-lasting, and it does not require a lot of special care. However, there are a few things that you should do to keep your stucco looking its best and to prevent any potential problems.


Stucco should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, dust, and other debris. You can use a garden hose or a pressure washer to clean your stucco. However, it is important to be careful not to use too much pressure, as this can damage the stucco.


You should also inspect your stucco regularly for any cracks or other damage. If you find any damage, it is important to repair it promptly to prevent water infiltration.


Stucco does not need to be repainted often. However, if you want to change the color of your stucco or if the existing paint is peeling or faded, you may need to repaint your stucco.

Fiber cement siding is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for durability and longevity. It’s resistant to fire, rot, and pests, and requires little maintenance over the years. Additionally, fiber cement siding can be painted any hue, allowing you to customize your home’s exterior.

Vinyl siding’s durability is a key benefit. Vinyl is resistant to insects, rot, and extreme weather conditions, making it a great choice for homes in any climate. Additionally, vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive compared to wood or aluminum, and it can be easily installed with minimal labor. It also requires very little attention compared to other types of siding products. You don’t have to worry about it scratching because it’s not painted; the color is baked in. This material will also match the standard exterior vinyl door.

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